Warning and Prerequisites

Unlocking the Bootloader and Installing TWRP – A Warning and Prerequisites


It is necessary to remove the casing from the 4K and a heatshield.
This is a fairly simple process and if you are careful there will be no damage, but it will void the warranty.
Note: If you do not follow all the steps carefully there is a possibility you could damage it and maybe brick it.
I will accept no liability for this.


A Firestick 4K. It is important to have this already setup with your Amazon account configured (and if you prefer, with any apps you want installed). Do not do this with a new, unconfigured 4K.

A Laptop or PC.

A TV or Monitor.

An old credit card (or similar piece of plastic) for removing the casing from the 4K.

A small flathead screwdriver or similar (plastic would be better) to remove the heatshield, though it may be possible to remove it without this.

Some tin foil (aluminum foil) or thin wire to short a point on the firestick 4K (do not use anything harder as it is possible you will damage components on the 4K).

The patched version of Linux which is packaged as an ISO than can be burnt to a USB stick (or a DVD should you prefer).
The latest version (fireiso-1.0.0.iso at the time of writing) is available here:

FireISO v1.0.0

A method to burn the ISO to a USB drive. I used Rufus (other apps may work but I had best success with Rufus).
Download from:


The exploit code that needs to be run from within Linux (kamakiri-mantis-v1.2.zip at the time of writing).
Download the below once booted in Linux (or visit the original xda thread mentioned above):

kamakiri mantis v1.2

Magisk to root the 4K.
The version I used was here:

Magisk v20.4

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