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These are my YouTube Video tutorials for unlocking and rooting the Firestick 4K and using the ngrok Internet relay service to access your Firestick 4K (and other Android devices) remotely, without using port forwarding on the router.

Unlock and Root a Firestick 4K – Part 1

This is part 1 (of a 3-part series) and shows how to take the 4K apart and short the pins of the capacitor.

Dismantle the Firestick 4K and short the capacitor

Unlock and Root a Firestick 4K – Part 2

This is part 2 and it assumes you have already followed part 1 and have prepared the 4K to be bootloader unlocked (by removing the 4K casing and shorting the capacitor with some tin foil).

In this part 2 we will run the exploit to unlock the bootloader (in a customised Linux installation), root the 4K and disable Amazon OTA updates.

Unlock and Root a Firestick 4K – Part 3

This is part 3 and it assumes you have already followed parts 1 and 2 and have already rooted your Firestick 4K.
In this part 3 we will completely remove the Amazon Launcher (home screens).
There are also a couple of useful apps (a File Explorer and a replacement onscreen keyboard).
Finally, for fun there is a weather forecast app.

Unlock and Root a Firestick 4K – Create a Virtual Machine

This is an addition to my 3-part series on how to unlock the Firestick 4K bootloader, install TWRP and root the Firestick 4K.
This additional video shows how to use a virtual machine, instead of a bootable USB stick to run the exploit code.
The processes for running the exploit, rooting and all the other fixes are identical in the VM to when using a USB stick.
As it states in the video, the use of a virtual machine is unsupported by the good folks of xda.
However I have used it with no issues on every firestick I have unlocked.

Access a Firestick 4K Remotely Using ngrok

It is possible to remotely manage a Firestick 4K with ADB (and other Android devices) without using port forwarding on the router. This method uses the ngrok Internet relay service. I also have wrote instructions for doing this (for those that prefer not to use videos) here:

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10 thoughts on “Video Tutorials”

  1. Hi Paul

    I cant thank you enough for making these video tutorials I may managed to follow them to the letter on my first FTV 4K stick and everything worked perfectly, I actually changed the process slightly at 1 point as I needed to roll my firmware back to as broke live tv streaming on HDHomeRun to an app called “Channels” as I realised Amazon would either by very slow to change their firmware again as fixed these sort of issues for everyone in the US for the few of us in UK that were seeing the new issue I can’t imagine it was ever going to be fixed so rolling back to the previous working firmware was my only option.

    As I was doing this anyway it seemed daft not to follow video 3 and enjoy a new launcher too and I am very glad I did!

    It’s create you credit those who figured a lot of this out but I would like to offer yourself credit too, I had previously seen all the info of how to do this on xda, but following the topics I just couldn’t get my head around the process, watching your videos made it a simple process which I am glad about as I now have another 6 sticks to do exactly the same too around the house as every TV in the house runs FTV with the channels app for live TV!

    I do have a question regarding the Wolf Launcher, I notice a lot of people have their apps along the bottom of the screen with a nice big empty space at the top, some seem to achieve this with widgets but others just seem to have an empty space which looks nice and tidy. I have tried putting an empty section in there but it leaves me with a load of text across the screen saying this is empty please put something in it. Do you have any ideas how to achieve this?

    Also do you know if it possible for me to clone my full setup now and transfer it to each stick once I have rooted them and install twrp? Or am I risking bricking them and its safer to just build up each 1 and complete all the required setting to make them look how I want?

    Thanks again


    1. Thanks for the message Robb. Glad you appreciate the tutorials. I also rolled back a couple of mine that updated before I managed to turn off OTA. I am not sure about the large space on the Launcher. I only have the one section and have this set vertical with 5 columns. I do hide the section title and also don’t show the status bar which gives some blank space on the top and I think looks good.
      It is not advisable to clone the setup. I was advised that Amazon can tell if more than one stick has the same id and get it banned. I setup each stick and then make a backup of them in TWRP. Does take a little while but allows me to configure each stick a little differently if needed.

      1. Hi Paul

        Thanks very much for the reply and advice. I am slowly working my way through my sticks (whilst looking after 2 kids so its slow progress) despite following the exact same process 4 times I have received different results with the delete-amazon-launcher.txt script.

        As you mention in your video I received 2 errors when running on 3 of the 4 sticks, they are simply “No such file or directory”, however 1 of the sticks only returned 1 of these errors.

        The difference on reboot is that the stick that only had 1 error is perfect it boots from a black screen directly to the launcher and there is no evidence of the original launcher anywhere.

        The 3 sticks that returned the 2 errors all boot to the original amazon launcher for a couple of seconds then go to Wolf, I have also noticed that both “home” and “debugging” app remain present on those sticks but they have gone on the perfect stick.

        I have tried running the text several times but get the same result.

        The 2 lines that throw the errors are: “rm -r /data/app/” and “rm -r /data/app/”

        Sorry I cant remember which of these worked correctly on the stick that is perfect.

        Any ideas and way to fix it? Its a lot slicker and nicer on the strick that went perfect.

        Thanks, Robb

        1. I forgot to mention on the sticks that don’t quite work correct, if I go through the delete-amazon-launcher.text again the line “rm -r /data/data/” is the only line that doesnt return the “No such file or directly” so for some reason it seems to keep coming back.

          I’m lost as to why though.

          Any help and ideas you have would be much appreciated


        2. Not too sure about this. I have done over 60 of these now and all are setup the same. I think I get the same error most of the time for those same 2 lines. Saying that I did have had that issue once or twice. I know on them I went into TWRP using an OTA cable and keyboard/mouse (did the swipe to allow modifications), rebooted and then ran the script again. This time it all worked but would expect that to be a coincidence rather that a fix? Might be worth a try though. I should have paid more attention to what else I may have done to resolve the issue, sorry. I did make some notes when making the videos but they are extensive and hard even for me to follow. I will try to look through them later. The only other option is to wipe just system in TWRP and reinstall the stock image (wiping system may not be necessary but I alwasy do it in any case). You will have to run all the scripts again though (and check the alt launcher is working before running them). If you just wipe system all you other apps and amazon setup should remain intact so the process is not as long as a full wipe.

          1. I have now done all 7 sticks, 3 went perfect first time. 1 took a few attempts going through the delete launcher script but eventually it went perfect.

            So I am left with 3 that are not quite right, dont get me wrong they work fine but the launcher is still there if you know how to get to it!

            I have ordered an OTG cable: should arrive on Wednesday, I need this as I thought I would be smart and did an update of Magisk, when I did the reboot at the end its now trapped in a bootloop. I think I can get back to recovery and start again with a keyboard and an OTG cable.

            I am happy to try wiping the system and starting again with a stock image but I am guessing thats a case of needing an OTG cable again to do that within TWRP?

            Thanks again for your time and help

          2. Glad the others worked okay. Yes with an otg cable when you boot them you get an option to cancel the normal boot and go into TWRP. I use a UGREEN USB 3.0 Hub Ethernet Adapter Splitter too. I then connect USB sticks to it to store my backups on. If you are looking for a keyboard/mouse combo the Logitech K400 Plus works really well. It Might be worth just going into twrp, swiping to allow updates and rebooting and seeing if that allows the script to work. I am also 100% sure that is all I did but like I said, not sure why it would. If reinstalling stock I use the image from here: and have no issues with it. Also there has been some progress made with over the last few days, with regards to launchers. There is a new version of wolf launcher too. 0815hoffi, has a new settings app that allows switching on/off the custom launcher (obviousy I cannot do this as I delete the stock one) and some other tweaks. Might even be possible to just enable/disable the stock one with it. I installed it all on a stick last night but not really had time to look further into it yet. Looking at it now. The thread is here:

  2. Thanks for the link that looks a better than I was using I found a pre rooted 1 but that 1 looks completly stock.

    I need to stick to due to an MPEG2 glitch with that stops my live tv “Channels” app working unfortunatley so I cant see me being able to ever upgrade as there was a github post that has gone on for about 18 months for this fimrware MPEG2 fix, which has fixed it for 99% of people but has broken it for the rest of us, the chances of them fixing it again are slim to none!

    I will have a play with the new version of Wolf Launcher though and that other stock rom and see if I can get them working how I want

    Thanks again

  3. Thought I best follow up for anyone who ends up having the same issue as myself with the original Amazon launcher not completely deleting and being present in the background.

    I experimented with lots of settings, doing things in lots of different orders but in the end I found the only way to get the issue resolved was to plug in the USB OTG cable with a mouse, boot into TWRP (does this automatically if you have a USB OTG plugged in and you click cancel within 5 seconds on the mouse). Once in recovery choose wipe, then swipe the default wipe.


    Once the rom was reinstalled and the whole stick was setup factory fresh I started the whole process again and this time it worked perfectly on each stick. I honestly don’t know what setting was different on the sticks that refused to work but I can confirm all 7 sticks now work perfectly with no evidence of the original Amazon launcher.

    Everything is much cleaner, faster and smoother using this setup, my in-laws also picked it straight up and managed to use it when watching my children, they never managed to get their head around the Amazon launcher think it was just too messy and too much on screen. The way I have it setup there are just 8 apps on the home screen, it couldn’t be simpler but it also looks better too!

    Thanks again for making these videos I wouldn’t have achieved this without them

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