Rooting the 4K

Rooting The Firestick 4K

You need to enable root access to the 4K before you can follow instructions in other parts of this guide.
Without root you will not be able to block Amazon OTA updates or delete the Amazon Launcher (and add in an app to access the 4K settings).

These instructions assume you have already unlocked the bootloader on your 4K and installed TWRP. Also that you are using Windows and your 4K is booted into either the Amazon launcher or your own preferred launcher.
You can also do this from the Linux boot drive (substituting the Windows paths for Linux paths).

Download the following zip file to your computer/laptop.I save it directly in my D:\ drive.
You can use another location but in step 6 you must modify the command to the location you saved it to.
Magisk v20.4

Shut down your 4K by removing the USB cable from the power adapter.
Leave the other cables connected.
(unless you are using an OTG splitter. This needs to be removed).

Connect the USB cable to your computer/laptop.

When the 4K is booted fully, open a command window.

If using the ADB included with scrcpy type cd c:\scrcpy-win64
Press enter/return.

Boot TWRP Recovery by typing adb reboot recovery
Press enter/return.

If you did not save the zip file in step 1 to the root of a d:\ drive you need to modify the path to it below.
Type adb push d:\ /sdcard/
Press enter/return

Type adb shell
Press enter/return.

Type twrp install /sdcard/
Press enter/return.

Type twrp wipe cache
Press enter/return.

Type twrp wipe dalvik
Press enter/return.

Type reboot -p
Press enter/return.

When the 4K is booted fully, open a command window.

If using the ADB included with scrcpy type cd c:\scrcpy-win64
Press enter/return.

Type adb shell
Press enter/return.

You need to be ready before you execute the next command
After you press enter/return a Superuser dialog box is going to appear.
You only have 10 seconds to respond to the Superuser request so make sure you have your remote to hand.
The dialog should already say Forever (make sure it does).
You need to use the down and right arrow keys on the remote and navigate to GRANT.
Then press the Select button on the remote.

Grant Root Access

Type su
Press enter/return.
Grant the forever access as detailed above.

Your Firestick 4K is now rooted.

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15 thoughts on “Rooting the 4K”

  1. Hi Flakie

    I messed up on step 16. Now I have granted NO Access for ever.
    Any chance to change it somehow? Even new Instalation was without success.


    1. No worries. Just go into Magisk Manager. Click the top-left corner hamburger menu. Select first option, Superuser. Then enable Shell by clicking on the slider button.
      I should add. NEVER update magisk or magisk manager from the menu there. Always use TWRP.

      1. Hi Flakie
        within the Fire stick? Unfortunately when I open Magisk Manager I only get ask to install Magisk and Manager (both are installed). Will try to reboot in TWRP.


        1. In the top left of magisk manager is the menu (hamburger menu, 3-horizontal lines). You can enable root there for shell (which is what you missed in step 16/17). Only go into twrp if you want to update magisk or magisk manager (only magisk manager has update so far and if you want to udate that then you would need to download it and install from twrp). I have not bothered yet myself.

        1. Not tested the new method on that yet. But if it does not work it is easy to uninstall as just use a couple of APKs are used to install it. The new instructions are in the comments for ‘Delete the Amazon Launcher’. Do not use the old method on your firestick. It won’t work but the new way should do.

    2. Also, you will probably have OS sofware version of at least on your firestick now. If you are going to follow my guide for installing a custom launcher it does not work on later versions (just on and below). Let me know if you are going to use a custom launcher and I will post instructions on how to do it now for new OS versions.

  2. problem is. I cant see magisk on the stick. No icon visible. Tried now several times to install but always the same result when entering SU. permission denied. Is there any chance to deinstall Magisk/SU.

    3am..Give up for today


    1. You have Magisk manager, right? That is it. There is no other icon. Think of root as a service that other apps can take advantage of. For example root explorer apps (when you grant them root access via makisk manager), allow you to see the whole of the system and modify it as you like (very carefully). Think of Magisk Manager as the service manager that is used to allow apps to use root commands (or not).
      Here is a short video on using Magisk Manager to grant/deny apps su(root) permissions (for the first partof the video look in the top-left corner of the screen, as this is where the menu is):

  3. Flakie
    You will not belive it. I have the same screen as in your video but without the upper part showing the hamburger. I will jump out of the window if this is only because of the screen resolution.. I will check..


  4. All was my mistake. As you wrote “I should add. NEVER update magisk or magisk manager from the menu there. Always use TWRP.”
    I did not update… when I checked the the manager the first time it was written “Magist not installed” I was wondering but ok.. Try install…
    This was the beginning of the night mare as afterwards there was no burger icon visible anymore.
    Thanks Flakie for your help and in general you did a great job

    No its working

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