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Release of Flakie ADB GUI V2

Today I am releasing version 2 of my Flakie ADB GUI Windows app.

Although some of the features I hoped to have in the version 2 have not (yet) been implemented, there are some additional features that were not originally intended for version 2. The features not yet implemeted will be in version 3, to be released in February 2021, all going well (if not definitely in March). The changelog for version 2 is below:

Changes in Version

  1. Colour scheme changed from grey to blue and white.
  2. Window size increased slightly (to make room for new and future
  3. Ability to maximise and change window size has been removed.
  4. Option to connect to ADB with an ngrok URL (free account with no
    custom/subdomains) has been added.
  5. Ability to run custom ADB Shell commands (experimental) has been added.
  6. Video recording with scrcpy has been added.
    Videos recorded with scrcpy can set file name and type (mp4 or
    Date and time is also appended to file name.
  7. The scrcpy window will show IP address and port, or ngrok URL.
  8. App version info has been added to menu option.
  9. Some items have been repositioned (to make room for new and
    future functions).

Bug Fixes

All discovered and reported bug fixes have been fixed.
New functions may have added new bugs. Please report any discovered.

Future Version 3 Planned Changes

Release date: February/March 2021

A few new features (which will go in ADB Tools section).

  1. Extract/Pull APK.
  2. Disable App (APK).
  3. Enable App (APK).
  4. List Disabled Apps (APKs).
  5. For a device connected with USB:
    When changing a device to TCP/IP mode from USB mode an attempt will
    be made to automatically get the IP address from device and connect
    to it. No need to manually enter the devices IP address.
  6. Program options will be separated from connection options when
    saving config files.
  7. Ability to connect to paid ngrok accounts and custom subdomains will
    be added.