Flakie’s ADB GUI App

I manage lots of 4K devices for friends (and friends of friends) and family who are less techically minded.
Mostly setting up the alternative launcher and installing apps that are not available from the Amazon Appstore.
Although occasionally a visit is necessary I mostly do this remotely with ADB.
Getting fed up with manually typing the ADB commands and numerous typos I decided to write a simple ADB app to do this.
I used C# to do this using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

I included code in the my app to use the scrcpy remote control app.

After a few weeks of learning to code in C# (and with a lot of help on the stackoverflow site), Flakie’s ADB GUI, was born.
The app has been a great success for me and what used to take me hours is now achieved in a few minutes.
There is even an option to save a config file for each device you connect to (IP address, port, settings etc).
There are a few small bugs, mostly in the GUI and not the ADB code.
I was going to fix them but have decided to spend my time coding a new version of the app, with many more features (and bug fixes).
This will be complete some time in September/October 2020, all going well.
For now I have decided to make the original version available to others (and it will be open sourced very soon).

To really take advanatage of my app you should also download the scrcpy app.
No install is needed for scrcpy. Just unzip it to a user writable folder (I use the c: drive in a folder, scrcpy-win64).
The folder for the config files will be created in the same folder as the app.

Scrcpy ADB Remote Control App

Flakie’s ADB GUI App v1
No install needed. Just unzip the exe into the c:\scrcpy-win64 folder.

Flakie's ADB GUI

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