Flakie’s ADB GUI App

Version 2.1 released 23-Jan-2021

I manage lots of 4K devices for friends (and friends of friends) and family who are less techically minded.
Mostly setting up the alternative launcher and installing apps that are not available from the Amazon Appstore.
Although occasionally a visit is necessary I mostly do this remotely with ADB.
Getting fed up with manually typing the ADB commands and numerous typos I decided to write a simple ADB app to do this.
I used C# to do this using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

I included code in the my app to use the scrcpy remote control app.

The app has been a great success for me and what used to take me hours is now achieved in a few minutes.
There is even an option to save a config file for each device you connect to (IP address, port, settings etc).
Version 2.1 has been released (a bug fix to the v2.0 release).
Version 2 has a a new look and an experimental ADB Shell feature (for manually entering ADB and ADB Shell commands). I say experimental but it works well for most simple commands.
It also has an integration with ngrok (an app that I have configured to access remote ADB devices, through the Internet, without using any port forwarding on a router).
This integration is optional and you can still use port forwarding (or any other remote method) if preferred, or just use on your LAN.
I am working on version 3 and there is a small writeup of the new features and a screenshot of my test version below (so you can get a feel of what it will look like). I aim to have it released in the Summer, 2021.

To really take advantage of my app you should also download the scrcpy app.

Scrcpy ADB Remote Control App

No install is needed for Flakie ADB GUI or scrcpy. Unzip all the files in the scrcpy zip and place in a folder on your PC (I use c:\scrcpy but any folder is ok). For Flakie ADB GUI, Just unzip the exe into the same folder you unzipped scrcpy to (if using scrcpy, else put it in any folder you like).

Version 2.1 has been released. This is primarily a bugfix release.

Version 2.1: Flakie’s ADB GUI App v2.1
The changelog is here:

Version 2.0 is archived: Flakie ADB GUI v2.0
Old version 1 is archived: Flakie’s ADB GUI App v1

ADB Shell Function Limitations

The adb shell feature is experimental (not all functions will currently work):
The following command/switches are not supported and will be stripped out if typed:

logcat (e.g. adb logcat) to view device log will not work.
Use ‘adb bugreport path\file’ instead (e.g. ‘adb bugreport c:\scrcpy\bugreport’) in the new ADB Shell option to save to a zip file.
-R (e.g. adb shell ls -R) to list subdirectories recursively will not work.
su currently causes gui to hang so this has been blocked from being entered (working on it).

Others commands may cause the UI to hang if they pull lots of viewable text data.

New – Version (Released January 23 2021)

Changes in Version

  1. Colour scheme changed from grey to blue and white.
  2. Window size increased slightly (to make room for new and future functions).
  3. Some items have been repositioned (to make room for new and future functions).
  4. Ability to maximise and change window size has been removed.
  5. Option to connect to ADB with an ngrok URL (free account only/no custom/subdomains) has been added.
  6. Ability to run custom ADB Shell commands (experimental and with some limitations) has been added.
  7. Video recording with scrcpy has been added. Videos will be saved in a video subfolder of the scrcpy folder (e.g. c:\scrcpy\video).
    Video recorded with scrcpy can set file name and type (mp4 or mkv).
    Date and time is also appended to file name.
  8. The scrcpy window will show IP address and port, or ngrok URL.
  9. Version info has been added to menu option.
  10. Connect to ADB on start has been removed as it caused some performace issues.
  11. Clicking on either of the Load Defaults on Start, Don’t Prompt to Exit or Enable Tooltips will automatically save that setting, as well as any other settings and configration (IP address, port, scrcpy screen resolution etc).

Bug Fixes in Version

All discovered and reported bug fixes have been fixed.
New functions may have added new bugs, especially in the ADB Shell feature, (I have fixed all I found). Please report any discovered.
Bugfix for the us region (USA) in ngrok fixed.

Flakie ADB GUI Version 3 – Proposed Release Date: Summer 2021

Version 2 of Flakie ADB GUI app has just been released and I am already working on version 3.
Version 3 also has a few new features.

1. Make ngrok work with paid accounts and custom domains.
2. Extract an apk from you device (and have the option to save it with any file name).
2. Disable an apk on your device (including system apps with some limitations).
3. Enable an apk on your device.
4. List any disabled apk’s on your device.
5. Checkboxes to specify the location of ADB (and scrcpy).
a) Clicking the Env checkbox will attempt to use the environment variable for ADB and automatically save it for future use.
b) Clicking the scrcpy checkbox will attempt to find ADB and scrcpy in the folder you launched the app from and automatically save it for future use. This will be the recommended and most compatible method. If you use the Env option, there is always going to be a possibilty it will not be compatible with scrcpy (not an issue if you do not want to use scrcpy). Of course you can always save the scrcpy version of ADB in the Env variable.

This list is not set in stone and all the featues may not make it to the release and additonal features may be added.

Here is a preview image of how it will most likely look (this is from my test version):

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