Firestick 4K

Flakie’s Page for the Fire TV Stick 4K

I am a big fan of the 4K hardware but not so much on the Amazon launcher and some of their other software.
The only Amazon apps I use are Amazon Music, Amazon Photos and Prime Video, though I am not particuarly fond of the apps for these.
For this reason I have been using alternative Launchers for some time.
My favourite launcher at the moment is Wolf Launcher (but I have tried many different ones).
The Firestick 4K can have the bootloader unlocked.
This opens up lots of extra possibilites for the 4K including root access for it.
Root access has made it possible to disable or complety remove the Amazon Launcher (which is what I prefer to do).

Use the Firestick 4K menu above to explore how to unlock and root the 4K and how to install a custom launcher.

The Video Tutorials contain instructions to unlock, root and then delete the Amazon launcher.