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Flakie’s Page for the Fire TV Stick 4K

I am a big fan of the 4K hardware but not so much on the Amazon launcher and some of their other software.
The only Amazon apps I use are Amazon Music, Amazon Photos and Prime Video, though I am not particuarly fond of the apps for these.
For this reason I have been using alternative Launchers for some time.
My favourite launcher at the moment is Wolf Launcher (but I have tried many different ones).
The Firestick 4K can have the bootloader unlocked.
This opens up lots of extra possibilites for the 4K including root access for it.
Root access has made it possible to disable or complety remove the Amazon Launcher (which is what I prefer to do).

Use the Firestick 4K menu above to explore how to unlock and root the 4K and how to install a custom launcher.

The Video Tutorials contain instructions to unlock, root and then delete the Amazon launcher.

Thanks and Credits

My Firestick 4K pages could not exist without the generosity and skills of a great many people in the programming community.
My own app (Flakie’s ABD GUI ) would never have seen the light of day if it were not for the help and coding advice I got from more experienced developers.
This section is dedicated to those who go out of their way to provide us with code that enable us to make our firesticks (and other devices) so amazing.
This is my personal thank you to them for making their code available to all (feel free to visit their project pages and please give them thanks).

In no particular order I give thanks to:

xda Senior Member, xyz – For discovering the bootrom exploit that allows us to use the full capabilites of our 4K firesticks.
xyz Member Profile and Project URL

xda Senior Member, k4y0z – For working with xyz to bring us kamakiri, the code that takes advantage of the bootrom exploit.
k4y0z Member Profile and Project URL

xda Senior Recognized Developer, topjohnwu – For the Magisk Root app and the Magisk Manager app.
topjohnwu Member Profile and Project URL

xda Senior Member, 0815hoffi – For the code that has allowed us to remove the Amazon Launcher.
0815hoffi Member Profile and Project URL

xda Senior Member, tsynik – For the AFTV Magisk Module, although no longer fully using it, it did provide the useful apps, LeanKey Keyboard, File Explorer and the fun Yo Window.
tsynik Member Profile and Project URL

Github coder, rom1v – For the excellent scrcpy remote control app.
rom1v Member Profile and Project URL

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Thanks 🙂

10 thoughts on “Firestick 4K”

    1. I do not have any custom ROM. There are a few for the 4K on the xda site but these are just stock images, debloated images or pre-rooted images. There does not seem to be any real custom roms yet apart from these. I think there may still be work going on to make LineageOS work with the 4K.

        1. Yes, though I don’t think it is really released yet for the 4K. Sound was not working last I read, but that was a while again so not sure of any progress since.

    1. What is the issue with the remote control? There is a good possibilty just reverting to stock will not fix it, but there are other methods to fix some faults with the remotes.

  1. i was wondering if you can do this on a fire stick lite?

    is there any information or pictures of the insides on a lite, im sure
    someone must have opened one up by now

    they got released in nov 2020, the current firmware is said to be

    any ideas?

    ps; love the website and youtube vids!

    1. There is some info on this on the xda site and some pics too. I don’t think this one can be unlocked as there were some hardware chnages. But you never know.

  2. thanks for replying

    looks like someone already tried it

    Patched tanks doesn’t show up in lsusb while shorted, phone mode appears only during normal boot, for a second.

    I guess the stick lite is patched the same way and no convenient unlock possible (as there isn’t an easy way to write to the emmc/downgrade rpmb, without a working bootrom exploit).

    im not not exactly what it means but i guess the method you used on your old 4k wont work anymore

    hopefully someone finds a way, there is btw a new fire OS coming and its on youtube it looks different layout has been changed

    this might make it even more impossible to flash after the update 🙁

  3. hey im back

    i found a new bit info on forums, looks like theres away to debloat and stop updates on the fire stick lite

    what do you think, same sort of thing right?

    Firestick Lite (Sheldon) Launcher Replacement and Debloat (No Root)

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