Disable Amazon Updates

Disable Amazon OTA Updates

Amazon OTA (over-the-air) updates allow Amazon to update the firmware on your 4K.
This is not the same as individual app updates. They will complete as normal.
Although the exploit is hardware based, so Amazon cannot reverse it (without updated hardware), there is a possibilty they could try to introduce code to disrupt it.
Besides, it is good to be in control of the updates yourself.
Also disabling OTA can be reversed or you could install updates using custom roms yourself.

This process requires root access to your 4K.
Follow the 4K rooting instructions before following these instructions.

These instructions assume you are using Windows and your 4K is booted into either the Amazon launcher or your own preferred launcher.
You can also do this from the Linux boot drive (substituting the Windows paths for Linux paths).

The new version (v2) of my Flakie’s ADB GUI app will automate this process (when it is finished).
For now it is necessary to enter a few ADB commands into a command window.
If you do not have ADB installed then use ADB version included with the scrcpy app.
The instructions below assume you will be using scrcpy ADB.
There is no need to boot into TWRP recovery for this process.
This process can also be done with your 4K booted normally and plugged into with the power adpater (not your PC/laptop).
If you do this will need to connect using the IP method.
i.e. Type adb connect <IP address of your 4K> (do not enter the <>).


  1. Open a command window
  2. If using the ADB included with scrcpy type cd c:\scrcpy-win64
    Press enter/return.
  3. Type adb shell
    Press enter/return
  4. Type su
    Press enter/return.
  5. Type pm disable com.amazon.tv.forcedotaupdater.v2
    Press enter/return.
  6. Type pm disable com.amazon.device.software.ota
    Press enter/return.
  7. Type pm disable com.amazon.device.software.ota.override
    Press enter/return.

    That is it. OTA is now disabled.

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