Delete the Amazon Launcher

This method is no longer necessary. I have updated the exploit zip files with instructions for a newer and better method of using a custom launcher and the required files.

Instructions to install Wolf Launcher (or another custom launcher) and disable the Amazon stock launcher have now been updated here.

If you still feel the need to delete the Amazon stock launcher then:
First, be sure you really want to completely remove the Amazon Launcher before you begin.
This will remove Amazon Home, Your Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Apps and Settings (note: it just removes the screens, not any of your data).
The instructions and code below will add back access to the Settings screen, through an icon in your preferred alternative launcher.
The new Settings icon installs an app that requires root access to your 4K.
Follow the 4K rooting instructions before following these instructions.

These instructions assume you are using Windows and your 4K is booted into either the Amazon launcher or your own preferred launcher.
You can also do this from the Linux boot drive (substituting the Windows paths for Linux paths).

Directions (No longer supported)
  1. Ensure you have already installed the replacement launcher of your choice.
  2. Download the following app/apk to your computer/laptop.
    I save it directly in my D:\ drive.
    You can use another location but in step 19 you must modify the command to the location you saved it to.
  3. Shut down your 4K by removing the USB cable from the power adapter (leave the other cables connected).
    (unless you are using an OTG splitter. This needs to be removed).
  4. Connect the USB cable to your computer/laptop.
  5. When the 4K is booted fully, open a command window.
  6. If using the ADB included with scrcpy type cd c:\scrcpy-win64
    Press enter/return.
  7. Boot TWRP Recovery by typing adb reboot recovery
    Press enter/return.
  8. Type adb shell mount -o rw /system
    Press enter/return.
  9. Type adb shell “cp /system/priv-app/ /sdcard/”
    Press enter/return.
  10. Type adb shell “cp /system/priv-app/ /sdcard/”
    Press enter/return.
  11. If any of the following commands fail/error, just go to the next one.
  12. Type adb shell “rm -r /data/app/”
    Press enter/return.
  13. Type adb shell “rm -r /data/app/”
    Press enter/return.
  14. Type adb shell “rm -r /data/data/”
    Press enter/return.
  15. Type adb shell “rm -r /data/data/”
    Press enter/return.
  16. Type adb shell “rm /system/priv-app/”
    Press enter/return.
  17. Type adb shell “rm /system/priv-app/”
    Press enter/return.
  18. We need all the following commands to complete.
  19. If you did not save the apk in step 1 to the root of a d drive you need to modify the path to it below.
    Type adb push d:\NewSettingsRoot.apk /sdcard/NewSettingsRoot.apk
    Press enter/return.
  20. Type adb shell “mkdir /system/priv-app/NewSettingsRoot/”
    Press enter/return.
  21. Type adb shell “chmod 0775 /system/priv-app/NewSettingsRoot/”
    Press enter/return.
  22. Type adb shell “chown root:root /system/priv-app/NewSettingsRoot/”
    Press enter/return.
  23. Type adb shell “cp /sdcard/NewSettingsRoot.apk /system/priv-app/NewSettingsRoot/NewSettingsRoot.apk”
    Press enter/return.
  24. Type adb shell “chmod 644 /system/priv-app/NewSettingsRoot/NewSettingsRoot.apk”
    Press enter/return.
  25. Type adb shell reboot
    Press enter/return.
  26. When you run the new Settings app (with the new icon) for the first time you will need to grant it root access.
    This is the same as when you followed the rooting instructions, so use the same process (i.e. FOREVER and GRANT).

    Note: You may see a black screen for a few seconds before you launcher appears.
    This is where the Amazon launcher would normally appear and is normal.
    Enjoy your 4K without the Amazon Launcher.

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