Alternative Launcher

Alternative Launcher (Home Screen)

This requires neither root or an unlocked bootloader.
It is possible to change the 4K Launcher (home screen) to a customised one, of which there are quite a few to choose from.
My favourite is currently Wolf Launcher.
I was using ATV Launcher (of which Wolf Launcher is a fork) but some apps (notably Prime Video) did not open when using ATV, so I switched to Wolf Launcher and this resolved the issue.

You need to install 3 apps, Wolf Launcher (obviously), FTVLaunchX and Remote ADB Shell.
You can download them individually from the links for each app, below.

Alternatively if you have already followed the instructions to unlock the bootloader you can do this from the Exploit USB boot stick. This can be done using an ADB shell, without using the Remote ADB Shell app.
Instructions to do this from the Linux boot disk, along with the Wolf Launcher and FTVLaunchX apps, are included within the following zip file:

Download Files (to install from the Linux Boot Disk).

Files to Install from Windows

Wolf Launcher – Final (v0.1.5)

Wolf launcher is simple to use and has a very basic interface that is easy to customise.
It is easily possible to get back to the default launcher.
It will pop up on its own after a reboot anyway (but just for a few seconds!), unless you use root to disable or remove the default Amazon launcher.
To go to the default launcher, just use the microphone on the Alexa remote and say “Home” or “Settings”.
You can also use the Wolf Launcher menu to get to the Amazon System Settings directly.
Pressing the Home button on the remote will get you back to your customised one (Wolf Launcher).

Click the image to download:

Wolf Launcher


FTVLaunchX is a simple helper application to allow custom launchers on Amazon Fire TV devices.
It is inspired by the famous LauncherHijack of @BaronKiko and tries to overcome several issues relating to it.
Reliably intercepts any & all presses of the home button. Starts the selected launcher on boot.
Starts the selected launcher when waking up from sleep

Click the image to download:


Remote ADB Shell (v.1.6.5)

Remote ADB Shell is a terminal app that allows you to connect to the ADB shell service of other Android devices over the network and execute terminal commands.
It also allows you to connect to the ADB shell service running on the local device (which is how we will use it).

Click the image to download:

ADB Shell

Instructions to Install from Windows

When you have downloaded the 3 apps we need to make this work (Wolf Launcher, FTVLaunchX and Remote ADB Shell), you will need to sideload/install them onto your 4K (you can use Flakie’s ADB GUI to do this).

Once sideloaded on your 4K, follow the instructions below to configure Wolf Launcher as default.

1. Open the Remote ADB Shell app (icon looks like a blue Wi-Fi icon)
IP address the port will be 5555

Enter the code below, on the botton of the app screeen, and hit enter or select on the remote (the code needs to be entered all on one line).

pm grant de.codefaktor.ftvlaunchx android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

The text you typed will be echoed at the top of the screen and the *mantis* cursor/prompt will be below it.
If your screen fills up with text, you entered something incorrectly. Repeat it (if this fails, reboot and repeat it).

2. Open the FTVLaunchX app and select the application to use as your launcher (in this case it is Wolf Launcher).
From now on, every time you boot your device, wake it up from sleep or press the home button, Wolf Launcher will start.