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About Me

Welcome 🙂

My name is Paul and I was born in 1965 in Wales, UK.

I am a fan of the Amazon Firestick 4K, which this site is dedicated to.

IT Background

I have been involved in a professional IT capacity for over 30 years. I have had roles such as hardware support, software development and support, network support and as an IT Helpdesk Manager.

I like to write code. I currently mostly code in C# (which is what my Flakie ADB GUI app uses), but also have experince with SQL, Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB, VBA and VBScript, amongst others.

Why Flakie?

This is a question I often get asked. So let me try to answer it here 🙂

I started to visit the Philippines over 20 years ago (and lived there for a couple of years). I have a Filipino ex-wife and a beautiful mixed-race Filipino/Brit teenage daughter.

When I first started to visit the Philippines I really missed UK chocolate, especially Cadbury’s Flake. So much so that when visiting, half of my suitcase was always full of boxes of Cabury’s Flake. The locals thought this highly amusing and one of them started to call me Flakey (Flaky). This name kind of stuck. The spelling though implied I was a flakey person, which may or may not be true 😉 – So I changed the spelling to Flakie. Now instead of someone asking if I am a flakey person, they just tell me to learn to spell.