About Me

Welcome to my WordPress site 🙂

My name is Paul and I was born in 1965 in Wales, UK.

I am an avid fan of the Amazon Firestick 4K, which this site is dedicated to.

I am not so fond of the launcher used on the Firestick so always change this to whatever launcher I currently favour (currently this is the Wolf Launcher).

I also like to root my Firesticks to gain further access to them (big thanks to XDA member xyz` for discovering the exploit that makes this possible).

I initially found the instructions for running the exploit a bit complicated so when I mastered it, I created this site, in an attempt to make the process easier for others.

IT Background

I have been involved in a professional IT capacity for over 30 years (though currently not working in that field, more on this below). I have had roles such as hardware support, software support, network support and as an IT Helpdesk Manager.

I am an aspiring programmer, though far from being highly proficient. I struggle with loops and other complex code, so often go the long way of coding. I still manage to make things work (eventually). Obviously I can code in HTML and also have experience in C# (which is what my Flakie ADB GUI app uses), Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB, VBA and VBScript, amongst others.

Why Flakie?

This is a question I often get asked. So let me try to answer it here 🙂

I started to visit the Philippines over 20 years ago (and lived there for a couple of years). I have a Filipino ex-wife and a beautiful mixed-race Filipino/Brit teenage daughter.

When I first started to visit the Philippines I really missed UK chocolate, especially Cadbury’s Flake. So much so that when visiting, half of my suitcase was always full of boxes of Cabury’s Flake. The locals thought this highly amusing and one of them started to call me Flakey (Flaky). This name kind of stuck. The spelling though implied I was a flakey person, which may or may not be true 😉 – So I changed the spelling to Flakie. Now instead of someone asking if I am a flakey person, they just tell me to learn to spell.

Mental Health

I have problems with my mental health for a large part of my life. I have a diagnosis of both Bipolar II and BPD (aka EUPD), though I was only give these diagnosis in the last 10 years or so (I forget). Previously it was just put down to acute depression.

This has had a devastating impact on parts of my social and work life. I have had problems with relationships, with holding down employment and am banned from driving (my licence is revoked), after a suicide attempt in a car.

It has also led to the misuse of drugs, both illegal and prescription, which in turn led to a short prison sentence, as well as some other non-custodial criminal convictions in my earlier life.

I can get argumentative for very trivial reasons and often get child-like in my responses. Some people think/assume I might just be a bit of an arsehole (and I often cannot disagree with this assumption). I try not to post too much in public forums as this can lead to very embarrassing (for me) consequences due to conflicts with others (no doubt mostly my own fault). Apologies if you have ever been on the receiving end of my virtual tongue.

I have also run up debts of many tens of thousands of pounds on many occasions. Though ATM I am mostly debt free.

I am not so far from retirement age, so I have given up on working any more (except for personal work, never again for an employer).

Besides my mental health problems I also suffer with Gout, High Blood Pressure, High Bad Cholesterol, and RLS.

Thankfully the NHS has a pre-payment prescription certificate option 🙂

Still, I am still alive so onwards and upwards. Time is too short to dwell, especially with all my ailments 😉

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